What we stand for

Our Core Values

  • Love (Acceptance)
  • Caring
  • Community
  • Mission (Active/Outreach)
  • Honesty (Integrity)
  • Joy (Fun/Laughter)
  • Faith (Inner Peace)
  • Harmony

Our Foundational Beliefs

  • Every person is loved by God. Our experience of God’s love for us allows us to love God, ourselves and others.
  • God is there for all, a constant, faithful friend in good times and bad.
  • God can be experienced in many ways in the world around us.
  • In God we find a source of peace, comfort and strength. God guides us in every aspect of our life.
  • In partnership with God, we can make a difference to help fulfill God’s purpose for all.
  • Our doubts and questions are valid and reveal a deep human desire to know God.
  • Jesus died so that we may live in a right relationship with God.
  • Jesus is alive! So we can live with hope, joy, and a sense of wonder.

Mission and Ministry

Mission and ministry sit alongside worship at the heart of our expression of our vision,  values and foundational beliefs. The Programs & Activities page outlines our current expression of these elements.

Pastoral Care

Aligned with our belief that we all share in the responsibility for mission and ministry, Pastoral Care is a shared responsibility at Coatesville. Our Pastoral Care group shares with the Minister in critical pastoral care. There is an active Prayer Chain and each activity group provides pastoral care to its


Coatesville is lead by the Minister in active collaboration with a small team of Leaders, who together form the Church Council.

As a leadership team, our primarry focus is to:

  • Enable those who lead ministries and mission activity, and to
  • Promote opportunities for people to respond to their calling: ‘Wherever you are in your journey – it’s your calling’

We have a responsibility to:

  • Listen & discern
  • Support & encourage
  • Sustain & build