The Great Unchaining

Loving God

You created us in your image
and gave us a world to play in
asking only that we live in hope and joy with you.
You were to be our God
and we to be your people

and yet we chose others to rule us.

We have belonged
to the urge to protect ourselves
from our neighbours
from their hunger
from their thirst.

We have belonged
to lives of frantic competition
where success is achieved synonymously with another’s failure.

We have belonged
to the mistakes of our pasts,
holding our grievances close like teddy bears
knowing that in their sadness they are at least certain.

We have belonged
to acquisition, exhibition, inhibition, prohibition and fear.
Lord,  how we have belonged to fear.

And you seek us out
And you unchain us limb by limb
from our captors
And you say “follow me in freedom.”
“Follow me in hope”
“Follow me in love”
“Follow me in joy”

We have belonged to so many other things Lord.
Give us the courage to belong to you.

Source: Gareth Darlow