Only hearing whispers

We have waited in darkness
God of light.
We have waited,
not always able to see the shape of what we wait for.

We have waited,
not always patiently
or quietly

To see your justice take hold
To find your peace flooding the earth
To be met with your joy
and overwhelmed by your love.

We have waited,
sometimes seeing glimpses of your promise
in the words and actions of your people
Sometimes catching a whisper,
seeing a shape
of what your world could be.

Sometimes we have lost our vision
Sometimes the shape of who we could be
eludes us
fading into the darkness.

And you have met us,
Gentle in your correction
Gracefully placing us back on our path
and promising once again
that what we see and hear
are only whispers of the Kingdom yet to come.

We wait in hope
Calmly patient
Restlessly impatient
Called by your spirit
seeking out the light.

We wait in hope
We wait

Meet us in our waiting