Children and Families

Children play an important part at Coatesville Uniting Church.

As part of the church of today, they help us know more about God as they journey with us in life.

Every child is a gift and we welcome them among us.

Children in Worship

We provide and encourage children to use a variety of ways to develop their relationship with God.

During worship there are opportunities to engage with Scripture, share in singing and prayer, and to share the stories of people’s faith.

A parallel Sunday School program runs during the second half of Sunday morning worship. Geared primarily for Primary aged children, this small group program explores the stories and teachings of the Bible, and their application
in everyday life through art & craft, games, conversation and prayer.

Crying Room

Whilst we welcome all children at our worship events, we know that sometimes they need space to move or just need to have a grizzle.

The Foyer of the Chapel offers space to allow this without parents feeling their child is intruding on the worship needs of others.


Playgroup is an opportunity for parents to spend time with their children, to play, meet other parents in the area and glean some support for that all important task of raising the next generation!

Here at Coatesville we have a dedicated Early Childhood Centre which accommodates morning and afternoon playgroups most weekdays.

Group sizes are limited to around 10 parents which helps good relationships to form within the group, rather than being ‘lost in the crowd’.

We are affiliated with PlayGroup Vic. The costs are $50.00 per family with children under the age of 2 years, and $70.00 per family with children between 2-4 years. This amount is payable by the term.

Religious Education

As part of our commitment to children growing in faith, Coatesville leads a multi-denominational team of Christian RE teachers at Coatesville Primary School and contributes to CRE at other local schools.

Highlights of the year include the end of year RE Concert and the School choir joining in the Church’s Christmas in the Carpark celebrations on Christmas Eve.