You should pause to take a breath

There’s a moment in a long journey where you should pause to take a breath.
Every now and then,
when the voices of your travel companions
start to hammer through your ears and into your brain,
and your smile becomes a little harsh, a little strained,
It doesn’t hurt to give a quick apologetic grin
and slip away from the group.

As you push your way up the hillside,
you let the chatter,  giggles and hollers of your friends
drain from your ears
and allow the silence to enter in.
Finding yourself at the summit,
you breathe deeply, stretch your weary legs,
and realise that the silence may not be silent at all.

There’s a moment on a long journey
If you’re lucky,
When you can sit or stand alone,
and be filled with the earth’s rustling beats
the wind’s playful melody
the harmony of the cosmos
A moment when you gaze up into the sky,
just for a second
find yourself alive with the music of the universe.