We will speak of love (a christmas dialogue)

Who would dare to speak of hope
In this world where numbers are more important than people,
Where with a little patience, the powerful can explain to the powerless
why it’s necessary that they get by with less
Less money to live on
Less community to live with
Where the powerful can even stand in the face of the cosmos
and say “Sorry Nature, you’re in our way.”
Who would dare speak of hope in such a world?
We would.
Then who would dare to speak of peace
in a world where neighbour attacks neighbour in streets and cafes,
drones patrol foreign skies, taking out entire rooms and hoping for the best,
Who would speak of peace when nobody can even explain what victory would look like?
We would.
And Joy…
It’s 2015 and we haven’t even figured out basic joy…
Who, rubbing the sleep from their eyes, worrying about how to get from here to lunch then back again in time for work on Monday would even contemplate speaking of Joy?
We Would.
Would you?
Yes. We would.
And that’s before we even get to Love… Who, in their right mind would…
We would.
You didn’t let me finish.
You don’t need to finish.  We will speak of love.
We will speak of the hope that comes when the most powerless one of all; 
a newborn baby; 
cries out and wraps the hearts of a universe around it.   
The hope that it can be different; 
that we can be different 
and from our response to an infant’s cry, 
the world will pivot and change.
We will speak of the peace that comes
because it must. 
The peace that a newborn child demands we strive for,
the peace that comes when as a people we refuse to put another like this child in harm’s way.
We will speak of the joy
that comes when we live together in hope and peace,
when our differences are cause for celebration rather than fear
When that which lets us belong outweighs that which sets us apart.
And most of all we will speak of love.
For without love there will be no joy,
no peace,
no hope.
We will tell of the love of a mother for a child,
a lover for a beloved,
a sister for a sister
a friend for a friend
We will tell of the love
of a God for a people
One love which drives us
to sacrifice our own needs for others.
We will not speak lightly,
but we will speak of love
until our voices are just part of a mighty wind.
We will speak of love.

Source: Gareth